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Avowal is a small, social Alliance guild on Silvermoon EU. The guild's premise is unusual for the realm, as it is a guild based on principles, camaraderie and a light sprinkling of Role Play. The guild's goals are to enjoy our daily lives in Azeroth and grow our characters through quests, adventures and profession masteries, without losing touch with the founding principles we started out with. Our members are mainly low level alts, played by older players, and the guild maintains a strict set of guild principles. Those principles are:

1.   Respect. Avowal members will be respectful to each other and outsiders alike. While PuGs can be infuriating, we encourage our members to maintain a calm demeanor when expressing themselves, and to try to remember that everyone was new at some point. The faults of your team mates should spur you to greatness, not lower you to their level.

2.   Courtesy. Avowal members should be shining examples of courteous behavior. Hateful and offensive language is not tolerated, nor is griefing, trolling or begging. We're not hypersensitive, we just don't like it, and it clashes with the guild atmosphere of Avowal. There are hundreds of guilds where language or behavior of any type is tolerated. Members who feel this rule too restrictive are encouraged to join those guilds.

3.   Righteousness. Avowal members adopt principles of respect, kindness and courtesy, and are encouraged to stand up for them. Whether grouping with guild mates or outsiders, Avowal members are encouraged not to tolerate rudeness, intolerance or spiteful remarks. When individuals insist on behaving in a hateful manner, expect Avowal members to vote-kick or leave, rather than participate.

While Avowal is an invitation-based guild, those few souls that feel the calling to take up the sword and stand for these principles are encouraged to contact us. Perhaps you are Avowal initiate material..?


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